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    Create coupons online. Design coupons with ready to use templates, publish it over the internet, email your coupons, share it via social media, redeem coupon and verify validity - all managed via QponCloud.com. Manage complete Coupon life-cycle with QponCloud.com

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    End-to-end Coupon Management
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    Promote your Business with Coupons

    QponCloud.com offer very efficient and cost-effective mechanism to promote your business on the internet. For a fraction of the cost, your business and coupons are listed on internet and promoted on social media. You can leverage QponCloud.com campaign feature and social integration to reach potential new customers.

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  • Host coupons online with QponCloud - Connect Anywhere, Anytime

    QponCloud offers you to host your coupon and provide your customers access to coupons from internet enabled devices like mobile phone, tablet or a PC. Using QponCloud.com you can create, distribute and download coupons anywhere, anytime using internet enabled devices.

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Create Your Coupons Online

Create and Design Coupons

Making Coupons was never so easy. Make your coupon by selecting a design template, add image and logo for your business. Choose coupon type and distribution mechanism that fits your requirements and budget.

Issue Coupons and Distribute

This cost-effective and environmentally friendly mechanism will allow you to go green and distribute coupons to prospective as well as existing customers. Save considerable money and time on coupon distribution.

Verify Coupons and Redeem

QponCloud's online validation and redemption system allows you to control misuse and secure coupons. Coupon redemption and verification can be delegated to distributors, resellers and staff.

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    List your Business on QponCloud

    List your business by creating new business profile easily. New staff members can be added with desired responsibilities and roles for managing coupons. Distributors and partners can be added to the system to accept coupons and extend redemption and verification.

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    Create your offer and Issue Coupons

    Define new offers and create coupons for promoting your business. You can choose distribution options- send notifications or issue coupons. There are several options available to suit your budget and needs.

  • 3

    Generate new leads, Manage Contacts!

    QponCloud offers customer acquisition via Personalized Coupons. Enlist new customers using "Register and Download Coupons" feature. Upload, import, add your existing contacts for coupon distribution.

  • 4

    Valiadate Coupons and Redeem

    Distributors, business partners and staff can be assigned to validate coupons and accept them. This flexible feature will help you increase your coupon acceptance rate!

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QponCloud is a cloud based coupon management system offered by Valley Innovation Group LLC. Our vision is to offer comprehensive coupon management and to help enterprises and small businesses expand and grow. QponCloud goes beyond the paper coupons of the past and helps businesses create eco friendly coupons leveraging social media and the cloud for business expansion.

Create your coupons and publish it over internet for free. You can upgrade to paid features (premium templates, campaigns etc) if you want.

QponCloud provides full featured account with partner/distributor management, staff, customer management, Distribution Lists and many more.. Enjoy free account access. Your staff will also get free access to your business account. You can set role based access for your staff.

List your business on QponCloud Business Directory for free! Your business page will have your logo (if provided with Coupon), contact details and coupon listings.

Get web-page for your coupon. Your coupon will be visible on internet. You can share the coupon URL with friends, customers and partners.

QponCloud account comes with free social integration. This includes share options on coupon page to post your coupons on social media.

QponCloud account provides analytics for your Coupon. You can find out popularity on web, track visits, see social media trend and popularity!

QponCloud provides premium templates for a small cost. These templates make your coupon more appealing. You can add logo, images or you can go for ready to use industry specific templates (e.g. plumbing, self-defence, cleaning etc)

QponCloud provides Email Campaign feature (paid feature) if you want to improve distribution of your coupons. You can share coupons with your customers in email. With our email and printer friendly coupon templates it is very convenient to send coupon.

Add tracking and subscription gate to your coupons. Your customer will have to subscribe to your business and will have to request access to coupon, allowing you to build your customer base for repeat business. With tracking and one time use feature you can restrict misuse of the coupon. You can always issue coupons to your customers, which makes this feature very useful for rewarding your important customers.

Upgrade to social and web promotions. We will promote your coupon based on geography and interest. We optimize the content display and cost across multiple social networks and search engines, providing best value for your money.

Create coupons with designer templates. Make your coupons stand out with our premium templates. Get access to over 25+ templates

Get your coupons and templates designed by professionals. Our designers will create customized templates and coupons based on your requirements. (This is a paid feature)

QponCloud provides Email Campaign feature which can improve distribution of your coupons. You can share coupons with your customers in email. With our email and printer friendly coupon templates it is very convenient to send coupon. Your plan will have details on how many coupons you can send. Contact our sales team if you need more information on this.

We will do search engine optimizations for all your coupons and business pages. This will improve your present on the internet.

We provide scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure for your needs. Contact us with your requirements!

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