Your QponCloud account comes with an unlimited access and no restrictions. You can add your business staff to perform different functions in Coupon Creation, Distribution and Redemption process.

You can add staff to your business and assign them different roles and permissions.

Click on the “Staff” menu item to open the Staff management page.


My Business

Clicking on the “Add New Staff” button will open the staff details form.


My Business Staff

Add the details of the staff that you want to add. Select the permission for the staff.  Click on the “Save” button to save your changes.

My Business Staff



Assigning Permissions

You can assign multiple permissions to your staff.

Manage Business, Staff, Contacts, Distributor:

This permission allows you to do following actions.

  • View and update business
  • Add, view, update, delete and import contacts and distribution list
  • Add, view, update and delete distributor/partner
  • Add,  delete staff and manage permissions
  • View coupons and offers

Create and Edit Offers:

With this permission, you can create and edit offers. This permission does not allow you to publish an offer.

  • Add, view, update and delete an offer
  • Select business
  • View the business profile

View and Validate Coupons:

With this permission, you can list offers, view coupon codes and validate coupons.

  • Select and view Businesses
  • List and view coupons and offers
  • Mark coupon as used
  • Redeem coupon

Publish and promote Offers:

With this permission, you can publish an offer, buy additional notifications/coupons or promote an offer.

  • Buy additional notification/coupons
  • Select and view Businesses
  • List, view and publish offers
  • View business orders

Issue Offer Coupons:

With this permission, you can issue coupons for an offer or send notification. It also allows to approve/reject a coupon requests.

  • Approve and reject coupon request
  • Revoke and redeem coupons
  • View contacts, distribution lists and distribution list members
  • List, issue and view coupons and offers
  • View businesses
  • Send offer notifications (if purchased)