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You can create personalized coupon offer with three easy steps.

1) Register with QponCloud

Create your account by registering with QponCloud. Click here to learn more on how to register with QponCloud.

2) Add / Select your business

If you are new to QponCloud, you should add your business first in order to create simple coupon offer. Click here to learn more on how to add new business.

Please select your business if you have already added one. Click here to learn more on how to select your business.

3) Add / Publish your offer

After you select your business. Next step for you is to add offer. Click here to learn more on how to add offer.
To create personalized coupon offer, you must select “Personalized” in “Select Coupon Type”.

Personalized Coupons

Personalized coupons allow you to have coupons assigned to individuals. Coupons are associated with the individual identified by email. No one else can use that coupon. You can assign coupons to your contacts and distribution lists and each individual will get a different coupon (identified by coupon ID). You can validate the redemption of the coupon by using validation features. Currently QponCloud supports only one-time use of coupons. This type of offer also comes with an on-line coupon request form for your prospective customers. Your prospective customers can request access to coupons by subscribing to the offer (by providing their valid email ID). You can use Personalized Coupon for high value offers and to generate more leads for your business. This is an excellent and a low cost alternative to Social deals. QponCloud publishes these coupon (along with request and download form) on its site for your prospective customers to see. You can additionally purchase promotions to expand the visibility of your offers on the internet and social media.

After you have created and saved your offer, you should publish it to create coupon download url. Publishing of offer will also allow you to issue coupons to your customers via email. Click here to learn more on how to publish personalized coupon offer.

If you have created Admin Authorized coupons, you must approve coupon request you receive from your customers. Click here to learn more on how to approve coupon request from your customer.

You are not required to authorize Auto Authorized coupons.