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QponCloud lets you create public coupons online in three easy steps. It also allows you to send your coupon to your customers via email notifications. Public coupons once created are available to use by all. QponCloud promotes your coupon using QponCloud’s marketing channels including social media.

Steps to create public coupon:

1) Register with QponCloud

Create your account by registering with QponCloud. Click on Register to learn more on how to register with QponCloud.

2) Add / Select your business

If you are new to QponCloud, you should add your business first in order to create public coupon offer. Click on Add Business to learn more on how to add new business.

Please select your business if you have already added one. Click on Select Business to learn more on how to select your business.

3) Create offer and publish it

After you select your business. Next step for you is to add offer. Click on Add Offer to learn more on how to add offer.
To create public coupon offer, you must select “Public” in “Select Coupon Type”.

Public Coupons

Public coupons are not tied to any individual. They can be downloaded/printed by anyone and you typically do not track usage of coupons. Public coupons come with notifications that can be issued to your contacts or prospective customers. QponCloud publishes these coupons on its site for your prospective customers to see. You can additionally purchase promotions to expand the visibility of your offers on the internet and social media. Unlike Personalized Coupons, Public coupons do not have request form as coupons are always public and can be downloaded by anyone. Public coupons do come with notification option. You can notify your existing customers and contacts by sending notifications about a Public Coupon. This is simple, yet very effective way of spreading the word about your offers and promotions.

After you have created and saved your offer, you should publish it to create coupon download url. Publishing of offer will also allow you to send coupon download url to your customers via email. Click on Design and Publish public coupon to learn more on how to publish public coupon offer.