Coupons are one of the most effective marketing tools, provided you use them in an effective manner. Planning a Coupon campaign is a crucial aspect for success of your marketing initiatives. This section guides you by providing some key questions and insights in to what you should consider before creating a coupon on QponCloud. Knowing the answers to some of these questions will help you choose the right option for your coupon campaign.

Have you identified what offer do you want to create?

If you have not identified this yet, you should start planning your coupons offer. If done correctly Coupons provide very effective tool for improving customer visits and sales. Identify and plan the monetary discount each coupon will offer. Also plan how many coupon redemptions you can afford to offer.

How do you plan to use Offer coupons?

Coupons are used primarily to attract customers. Though mechanisms needed to attract repeat business could be a lot different from attracting first time buyers. Similarly if you have data from your previous marketing campaigns (e.g. customer email), you can use that to your advantage to improve the effectiveness of your coupon.

Do you want to personalize the coupon?

Usually owners wanting to venture to a new business overlook coupon personalization aspect. Simple additions like Customer name, email or phone can turn coupons in to Discount Certificates.

Are you looking for social deal alternatives?

Social deals, though, are very effective but can really hurt your bottom line. If you do not want to use social deals because they hurt your bottom line, effective coupon usage can help you.

How do you plan the distribution of your Coupons?

Internet coupons, unlike paper based coupons, need different distrbution chanels. The cost of your coupon campaign is dependent on how you want to disribute and promote your coupons.

Do you need tracking for your coupons?

If you have high value discount coupons, you don’t want your customers to generate multiple copies of a coupon and use them over and over again. Consiter the option of adding tracking to coupons to restrict coupon usage.

How will your customer know about your offer?

Coupons are great for marking, but only if your potential customers have access to your coupons. Promotion plays a key role in promoting your coupons.


Proceed to Create Coupon section if you are confident about your requirements.