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To create coupon download url for the offer and make it available to your customers, you must publish your offer. Publish offer page also allows you to design coupon by selecting templates.

Click on “Publish Offer”.

Publish Offer

Design Coupon

QponCloud offers templates to design coupon. Select template for your coupon from “Design Your Coupon” section. Click on template to select your template. All templates other than default need images for logo and main image in coupon. Please upload your logo and image.

Select Template

Click on “Save” to save your changes. You can preview your coupon by clicking on “Preview” button.

Click here to understand how each of offer fields appear on coupon with non default template.

Publish Coupon

Click on “Purchase Now”. Pay using your credit card.


On successful payment, offer is published. It creates coupon download url. This url can be freely distributed by business on their site. It can be shared using social media.

You can also send coupon download url to your customers via email. The number of available notification can be found in “Available Notification:”.

Available Notifications

Click on “Send Notifications”.
– You can send notifications to all your contacts in a one click. Click “Notify” button against the list name in “Send notifications to List Members” section.

Send notifications to List

- You can also send notification to individuals separately by clicking “Notify” in “Send notification to Individual” section.

Send notifications to List

You can purchase more notifications by clicking “Buy more Notifications”.

Clicking “List Notifications” lists all the notifications you have sent so far.